Market Entry

To do business in Africa, one needs a clear understanding of the different cultural, historical contexts and knowledge of the various legal and business requirements in each target country. Most of all, one needs key contacts on the ground and people who can facilitate the process whether one is seeking business partners, suppliers, distributers or agents.

Whether you wish to set-up or require doors to be opened, MNCAA offers a one stop shop for all your market entry requirements. Our market entry consulting service harnesses our partners’ insight, analysis and operational consulting experience to help our clients enter the African emerging and frontier markets with confidence.

At each stage of the market entry process, MNCAA can help you understand the way a market operates, identify the key players, map the policy and regulatory agenda, find appropriate partners, help you mitigate political risks and protect your assets. MNCAA has established key relationships across the continent which are critical in assisting our clients to penetrate even the most demanding and challenging countries. Whatever the issues your business faces in frontier and emerging markets in Africa, MNCAA can help you find a solution.

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