Sector Food Processing
Geography Nigeria
Funding $4 million debt or equity or combination thereof
Use of Funds Purchase of plant equipment and commissioning of plant as well as working capital
Security The African Guarantee Fund (AGF) has provided a preliminary indication that it would be willing to guarantee 50% of the debt provided. The final commitment on the guarantee will depend on the diligence on the proposed financer and final diligence on the proposed transaction. You can find more information on AGF at:
Strong OEM Partner The Sponsors have selected an industry leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that has already designed the facility and will install and configure the equipment. The OEM will also provide onsite consulting during the first year of operation.
Financial Highlights
  Year 1 ($) Year 2 ($) Year 3 ($) Year 4 ($) Year 5 ($)
Turnover 10.3 million 12.3 million 13.2 million 14.4 million 15.6 million
Profit Before Tax 972K 1.6 million 1.96 million 2.5 million 3.4 million
Social Impact The proposed plant will have significant social impact, which include (1) the creation over fifty (50) direct jobs in the first year, (2) diversification of the Nigerian economy, (3) promotion of sound health and nutrition, (4) food security and (5) expansion of the local poultry business expansion.
Potential Customers The Sponsor has received signed Expressions of Interests from customers representing 35% of the first year’s projected production. Further, the Sponsors have begun discussions with Nigeria’s National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons and several large potential customers – such as DUFIL Prima Foods Plc (maker of Indomie instant Noodles and Minimie Chinchin; Cakes and Cream Nigeria (Cakes); Leventis Foods Ltd (Baked and Snacks); Beloxxi group (Biscuits); A&P Foods “Haansbro” (Biscuit and Confectionery); Deli Foods Nigeria Limited (Biscuits); Niger Biscuit Company Limited (Biscuits) and Bakers House.
More Information Additional information made available upon request.
Contact For more information, please contact: Mansur Nuruddin at