Sector Arts and Entertainment
Geography South Africa and USA
Seeking US$3 Million of a total budget of US$6 million. US$3 million has already been secured
Funding Type The Company is seeking to raise US$3 million in financing in exchange for a 50% stake on the investors’ side of the film project.
Project Overview

LOG LINE: A 21st century African King snatches back control of the African Gold/Platinum trade from the clutches Wall Street.

SYNOPSIS: Asylum Down unlocks a world filled with greed, lies, and capitalism, all revolving around the lure of “Gold & Platinum”. Witness the unmistakable journey of true heroism and unsurpassable love when three worlds collide; the African Gold trade, Wall Street, and the world of Fraud; leaving our hero Solomon a reluctant modern day African King fighting for his life, his dreams, and the battle to recapture his most valuable possession, by any means necessary.


  • 80% of the film will be filmed in South Africa,
  • 15% of the film will be filmed in New York City, and
  • 5% of the film will be filmed in London.

STARRING MORRIS CHESTNUT: Morris Chestnut, international film star, who has starred in blockbuster films such as “Boyz in the Hood” and “Best Man”.


    Three Can Play That Game (2007)
    Mooz-Lum (2010)
    Criminal Behavior (2013)
    Top Actor SA (2014/15)
Key Investment Considerations
  • International Film Star Morris Chesnut has already signed-on
  • Renowned director, Samad Davis, who has produced “Criminal Behaviour” (2013) and is currently producing BET’s latest reality hit show, TOP ACTOR SA.
  • Distribution has been secured with AMC, America’s largest movie theater/cineplex chain, and Times Media Films, South Africa’s 2nd largest movie distribution company.
Funding Purposes To produce the film Asylum Down, and distribute the film to global markets.
More Information Letters of intent for distribution and screenplay are available; any other information is available upon request.
Contact For more information, please contact: Mansur Nuruddin at