Financing Available for African MFIs

We have been contacted by a funder looking to provide financing to Financial Services Companies in Africa.

Please let me know if you have deals that meet the requirements outlined below:

  • Deal Size:     $2.5mm to $30mm
  • Funding Type:     Debt
  • Interest Rates:     Depends on perceived credit risk
  • Security:     PariPassu with other international lenders
  • Exposure limit:     Up to 10% of company assets
  • Tenor:     Up to 5 yrs but typically 2-3 yrs for a first investment
  • Shareholding:     Institutional preferred
  • Applicant Average Loan Size:     At least 50% of portfolio with a ticket of $10k or less
  • Use of proceeds:     Max 50% of portfolio in consumer finance i.e. at least 50% income generating / commercial loans

For more information, please contact: